DNS Learnings

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Nameservers are very top level handlers. Once nameservers are set. A record(s) are not respected.

A Record

An A record is a redirect of a specific domain or sub domain to an IP address.

A records are almost instantly changed. They can be observed with whatsmydns.net but for me, in mobile they instantly show the result.

Case Study: Domain name – GoDaddy, Host – HostGator

For one of the clients, I met a weird kind of setup. The Client was using GoDaddy Website Builder and GoDaddy domain name and I was also given HostGator for hosting.

The GoDaddy had HostGator nameservers but the HostGator had no such files as they were being displayed when the URL was typed in. So I thought the nameservers were not in effect.

The Actual Thing

Turns out the HostGator nameservers were respected but there was an A record set back to the GoDaddy.

Solution I Thought

I thought the solution will be simply removal of the A record to the GoDaddy but that didn’t do the trick I was still getting some NX error. Something like that.

Actual Solution

The solution was to replace the A record of GoDaddy with the IP address of the HostGator server.


CNames are useful for pointing www to non-www.

Best Way To Test

  • Use Mobile Data
  • Url2Png.com
  • KProxy.com (Many a times this does not give the fresh output)
  • HMA Chrome