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Setting up Database on the network between Mac OSX and Linux / Ubuntu

By March 26, 2020April 6th, 2020No Comments

I wanted to create the MAC OSX as the database host. I turned on file sharing under System Preferences, Network.

In the Linux machine I did,

sudo apt install samba;

After that I tried tried to access the mac os machine from Kubuntu with typing following in dolphin:


Machine name could be found in System preferences -> Network. It’s right below the computer name.

Now that the connection was made, next I wanted to open the connection for MySQL not just from but any IP.

For this you need to make changes my.cnf.

The line bind 127….. should be changed to

A reboot or restarting of MySQL service is necessary.

Create MySQL user with permission of %. We will be using this user to connect from the network computer.

Now in order to connect to the Mac OSX database host from Linux, we need to know the hostname of the mac OSX.

You can find the hostname in Network -> Wifi / Active connection. It’s right below status.

In the code base don’t forget to include the host as ip and user as network for local

To Access Linux from Mac OS simply share the folder and the most important thing is to set the permission specifically 777. Give full permission to the folder so that even a guest can access it. I’ve had problems accessing it with the user account