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What are the downside of using Ionic?

By September 7, 2017September 8th, 2017No Comments

Following article was wrote for Ionic 1.3.3.

I’m a big fan of Ionic but I wish I’d knew some of the downside of the framework prior I started with it.

Following are few issues that I came across while using the framework.

  1. There’s this cursor issue that just won’t be resolved. To be fair to Ionic this is not because of them, it’s a webkit bug but this bug is here to stay for as it appears a long time. If you have Ionic and you land up with similar situation there is no workaround for it.
  2. Using the popup in iOS has a very strong chances some part of your popup is going to be hidden behind the keyboard. Source. You can get around with this with custom coding but it really feels that this is something that Ionic guys should have done it in the first place.
  3. All the hybrid work is done by Cordova. Since it is an open source community and I greatly appreciate the guys who put in their time to develop the plugin, since they are being generous and putting their time but moreover they can’t spend the amount of time they wish they would. It would be great if someone supports them and that will motivate them to improve their work.In my opinion most of us developers want everything for free. The plugin developers are not supported and it results in a plugin that works but not upto the quality. Let’s just say that.

    If you are a Cordova plugin developer. I would like to say a big thanks to you for what you do.